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Born in 1999 in Somalia, to a farming family somewhere near the lower Juba, my first memories of childhood has been the sounds of the serene nature. We were a humble and happy family with some cows, goats and nut lands. Till everything was ruined and silenced by the horrors of an unlasting civil war, that took away our father from us. With the only voice resonating in our ears, our mother shouted: "go, run and create a good life for yourselves" . So we left Somalia. Together with my brother we embarked on a long journey.  We walked for months and years, trying to save our lives, we did not know that what we did was to be called "migration" some day. After reaching to Turkey, my brother and I were settled by the UNHCR to a shelter for unacompanied minor asylum seekers in Istanbul . I have been living there since 2012.


On 2015, I took part in a social anthropology research project and conducted radio programs with the youth. I picked up on photography and became my own ethnographer. Since then I am passionately practicing photography and particularly exploring the conditions and emotions young refugees are going through.


Through the photography series I made during the workshops I gained a scholarship to a BA program on photography and video at Bahcesehir university in Istanbul (2016) where I also work part time as an assistant student at the Sociology department.


 I am searching for more funds to be able to continue my study, I therefore opened my first photography exhibition Erase & Rewind  at an arts and design center TAK  with the sponsorship of the municipality. If you would like to support my studies, you can buy my art work at this > PAGE 


Being someone who's life has been made and shaped by migration, I am determined to make a difference in the way it is beeing represented and experienced.I am therefore hoping to continue further in my academic endeavours and become a visual anthropologist focusing on human rights and documentary photography  film making.

Abdi Deeq CV

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