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  • 20 December 2018 (Switzerland):​ A Borderless World Film Screening at Ethno Kino Reitschule Cinema , Bern. 

  • 24 November 2018 (Switzerland):  Swiss Anthropological Association (SEG-SSE- SAA Annual meeting) Panel 4b: Unlearning Anthropology, Through the Co-creation of transformative knowledge, Eda Elif Tibet Presenting the co authored paper with Abdi Deeq; Learning to be Freed: Deep Encounters with the Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers in Turkey.  

  • 23 November 2018 (Turkey):  Turkiye’de Siginmaci gencler: Hukuksal ve Egitimsel Perspektifler panelinde konusmaci. Speaker at the asylum seeking youth in Turkey: Legal and Educational Perspectives Panel. Istanbul Bilgi University. In collaboration with Swiss Confederation and EU Erasmus + Program.

  • 6 November 2018 (Switzerland):  Online Speaker at Geneva Peace Week 2018: ‘Building Peace in a Turbulent World. Presenting on ReSTORYing Peace project as part of the enacting global transformation initiative, University of Oxford, with Dr. Rama Mani and exhibiting Erase & Rewind photography project at the UN library, United Nations, Palais des Nations 6th of November.

  • 4 November 2018 (France): Launching of the Displaced in Media: Advocacy Publication in a meeting with the policy makers in France. Coordinated by European Culture Foundation, funded by Erasmus + Project, hosted by Les Tets De le`Art ,  September in Marsailles. Presenting the Case study from Turkey as a good practice of collaborative and participatory media making and research with the unaccompanied asylum seeking youth.

  • 18th of October 2018 (Turkey): Presenting a paper at Kadir Has University in collaboration with the UN and University of Coventry on Youthful Research and Displacement: Refugee Youth’s Access and Rights to Well-being, Socio Economic Welfare and Education.


  • September 2018 (Switzerland):  NCCR on the Move, Graduate Conference at the University of Neuchatel. Presented a paper Learning as Agency: Strategies of Survival among the Somali Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Youth in Turkey (on Abdi Deeqs life story and photographs, with a film screening of a Borderless World), October Switzerland. Attendance covered by NCCR.


  • 14th and 15th of June 2018 (UK): Short films screened as part of good practices of participatory filmmaking with the asylum seeking youth at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London during the Displaced in Media event, Funded by European Culture Foundation.

  • 12th of June 2018  (UK):   Erase & Rewind exhibition at the enacting global transformation across cultures, Building peace through collaborative methodologies and stories, conference at the Center for International Studies, University of Oxford, UK.


  • 20th of June 2018 (Turkey): Presentation and talk on unaccompanied minor asylum seekers and sharing of own life story at Swiss Embassy and Multeci Haklari Dernegi (Refugee Rights NGO) in Ankara.

  • 9 June (TurkeyDOCUMENTARIST, Young film-makers’ participatory films by students Abdi Deeq “A Borderless World” 


  • 3rd of June 2018 (Greece): Virtual Exhibition and screening at Urban Struggles in the Mediterranean Cities: The right to the city and the common space Unconference, at the School of Architecture in the National University of Athens.


  • 22 Feb 2018 (Switzerland):  Photographs and films presented by Eda Elif Tibet at, Bringing empathy to academic research: Participatory filmmaking and transformation. The Graduate Institute of Geneva, at Maisaon de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland.


  • 11-12 December 2017 (UK): CONSTRUCTING VIABLE FUTURES: Unaccompanied Migrant Young People Transitioning to ‘Adulthood’ at St Anthony’s College, University of Oxford.


  • 3-5 March 2017 (USA): Childhoods in Motion: Children, Youth, Migration, and Education Conference. AAA Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group Council on Anthropology and Education, University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)- Centre for the Study of International Migration.  


  • 17 July 2016 (Turkey):  People’s Movements: Violence and Solidarity in the South-eastern Peripheries of Europe: An Encounter in Istanbul, at the Bosporus University, "Media Making and Research with Refugee Adolescents".


  • 31 May 2016 (Germany): Photography showcased at Lecture series on Educational Injustice, Kassel University Germany.


  • 23 April 2016 (Turkey): No Limits Conference – Mexico-Munich-Istanbul by Goethe Institute Istanbul at Salt Galata, "Arts and Documentary Filmmaking with Refugees".

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