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A wardrobe is a standing closet used for storing clothes and it has been used as a luxury possession that could only be attained by the powerful nobles of palaces and castles. It’s major function was to keep the king's robe and then to preserve precious items like gold. The name of wardrobe was then given to a room in which the wall space was filled with closets and lockers. The modern wardrobe differs in one respect from the historical one for its triple partitioning: there are two linear compartments on either side with shelves as well as a middle space made up for hanging pegs and drawers. For me and my friends, we also keep our most precious things in our wardrobes and store them carefully. Batteries for our phones, important documents stereotyped behind the drawers, underwear that should not be stolen, money hidden carefully within those underwear, class books, homework notes, dictionaries, coffee for late night studies, hygiene items for self care, a tekvando robe, a broken guitar, good soccer shoes and the photographs of the very new friends made in the shelter. Never the less, these are the fundamentals being kept along with a few more personal items that one managed to rescue from the many wars being witnessed outside and inside.

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