Every year, Children of  the world are running away from their war torn countries to seek for better lives for themselves and their families. Throughout these journeys they cross many borders and they have to go through different legal frameworks and agreements of different nations where they are forced to start life from afresh. Many of them are not able to get their previous transcripts and diplomas accepted, as a results they cannot continue studying. They have to work under precarious, unsafe and exploitative conditions, they are trying to hold on to life. This situation leads them to continue their journeys into Europe where they hope to find better conditions. All have many talents, hopes and dreams. Despite all odds and constraints, refugees provide great assets in sports, arts and music to their hosting societies.  Just like I as I escaped from Somalia. “Erase and Rewind” is about the stories of those who had to leave all the beloved behind, whom has lost everything and had to rewind their lives by starting from scratch, of those whom continue to resist and never give up.